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Level Insurance: Mitigating Downside Risk In Contingency Cases

The two Florida lawyers created a litigation insurance product called Litigation Cost Protection. The company began offering policies in 2016 in five states. It is now offering policies in 49 states including North Carolina. The policies are underwritten by Aspen Specialty Insurance Company, an “A” rated carrier.

FC 42: PI & Other Firms Using Litigation Insurance with Level Insurance's Justin Leto

Jason Hartman talks with Justin Leto, co-founder of Level Insurance, about how his company is helping the legal profession by offering litigation insurance. This gives lawyers protection from lost expenses when working contingency cases.

Litigation insurance costs may be passed to clients

The U.S. legal services market has within the past five years warmed up to the idea of litigation finance, a practice first adopted in Australia and then the U.K. A well-known British-based broker of litigation funding, TheJudge Group Holdings Ltd., will announce Wednesday it is launching in the U.S. with hopes to grow domestic awareness of another across-the-pond legal financial product: Litigation insurance for plaintiffs.

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