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Secure Your 2016 Case Number ASAP

By Justin Leto

Plaintiff’s lawyers are always trying to move their cases forward while the defense is typically satisfied with allowing the case to languish. The only way to truly get the defendant’s attention is by securing a trial date, which puts everyone on notice that a case requires priority treatment and an evaluation of the associated liability and damages must be made by the defense.

Oftentimes, cases are set for trial based upon their “age.” The older the case, the more likely it is to get to trial since trial judges do not like cases gathering dust on their dockets. The only way that “age” can be determined is through the case number, which designates the year the case was filed. This is one reason why Plaintiff’s lawyers try to file cases before the year concludes. Filing a case during the last week of December versus filing that same case one week later in January has the net effect of “aging” the case by one full year, thus making it more likely the case will see the courtroom sooner.

If your firm has a case that you know will be filed soon, it makes strategic sense to file that case now, rather than waiting until January. In one year from now, when cases are being set for trial, your case will be a 2016 case instead of a 2017 case, giving the appearance that your case should take priority over cases filed mere days after the New Year.

When 2016 began, Plaintiff’s lawyers were doing their usual good work, representing victims of serious injuries and risking the firm’s money by investing into the ever-expanding costs of these important cases. However, as we enter 2017, there is a new tool available to Plaintiff’s lawyers that allows them to remove this risk. As you file your year-end cases and begin filing your cases next year, you can now protect all of your costs with Litigation Cost Protection. Every dollar you spend on behalf of your clients can now be insured with Litigation Cost Protection from Level Insurance Services.

So, make sure to secure that 2016 case number if you can. And consider arming yourself with the ultimate shield against the defense’s seemingly endless war chest by buying insurance for your costs. Go to www.levelinsurance.com now to insure all of your costs.

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