Level Insurance helps level the litigation playing field by
providing a first-of-its kind solution…

Litigation Cost Protection

Litigation Cost Protection provides insurance coverage for the litigation costs spent by plaintiff attorneys or plaintiffs in the event a loss at trial (defense verdict).  With Litigation Cost Protection, if you lose at trial, all money spent on litigation-related costs are paid to the insured, up to the policy limits selected at the time that coverage is purchased.

Affordable. Transparent. Groundbreaking.

Litigation Cost Protection is an affordable solution for plaintiffs’ attorneys and litigants which insures against the loss of cost disbursements in the event of a loss at trial. It covers costs spent in furtherance of litigation including expert fees, deposition transcripts, travel (hotels, airfare and ancillary travel expenses), filing fees, trial exhibits, mediator expenses, copies, e-discovery, and all other costs spent directly on the case. Litigation Cost Protection does not cover attorney’s fees.

You have the freedom to prepare and litigate your case without anyone second-guessing the necessity of your expenditures. When a claim is made, you will receive reimbursement for expenses covered under the policy.  It’s that simple.

  • The first and only litigation cost protection.
  • Created by trial lawyers for plaintiffs and their attorneys.
  • A one-of-a-kind tool to mitigate risks.
  • Transparent and reliable coverage.
  • Backed by a national insurance company with an “A” rating by Standard & Poor’s.

A long-awaited solution to level the litigation playing field.

Affordable. Transparent. Groundbreaking.